Sunday, August 16, 2015

And then there was one...

My dates with the actuary can probably best be compared to the Godfather trilogy:

Date/Movie #1: You go in with high expectations, you're cautiously optimistic but still a little wary of what you've gotten yourself into (listen, the cost of both movie tickets and martinis have increased, so you could be out 2-3 hours of time and $15) but you commit nonetheless. Turns out to be a rousing success - you laughed, you cried, you sense possibilities for the future.  

Date/Movie #2: Is it ever possible for the sequel to be as good or better than the first? Sometimes, yes, but rarely.  I'm probably alone in thinking that Godfather Part II is as good, but not better, than the original. Same with the date - just as good.

Date/Movie #3: The bar has been set high, can it continue to be met? No. No it cannot.  Like the third movie, you watch it on cable on your couch and wake up 2 hours later realizing you accidentally took a nap. And literally, so did the actuary. HE FELL ASLEEP.  And if that's not enough to wound my delicate female pride, he hasn't called or texted since.

The logical explanations are as follows: serious concerns regarding cell phone radiation, he's a secret narcoleptic and has been asleep for a week, he's so embarrassed he can't bring himself to respond, or I didn't live up to third date expectations (wait, omg, is it possible I'm the Sofia Coppola in this situation?!) Of course not, I will chalk it up to the fact that I am a lady, or a "lady" depending on your view, and didn't live up to third date expectations.  Cough cough.... you know what I mean! 

Alas, out with the old, in with the new. I mean, I still need to find the new, but if not, what would I have to blog about?! 

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