Friday, August 28, 2015

Damn Yankee

There is a joke I heard when I moved to Virginia that goes something like: how do you tell a yankee from a damn yankee? A damn yankee never leaves.

I had a shocking revelation this week that I am becoming more acclimated to the south and inching toward that damn yankee label.  The highs this week were in the mid-80s and the lows at the end of the week dipped to the 60s. I read the 84/64 spread on my weather app and thought "oh good, it's getting chilly!"

UMMMM WHAT?! What blasphemy just slipped from these yankee lips?! 64 as a sign of approaching fall? Growing up 64 was still shorts weather. Let's get real, it was probably shorts and a sweatshirt weather. Sidenote: did anyone else rock that look like it was simply the coolest thing ever? Like "oh yeah, look at me in my shorts, but I'm not insane so I have a sweatshirt on too." And, of course, the matching scrunchie. From the Limited Too...  You know you all had those too! Ah, sweet sweet memories...

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