Thursday, August 20, 2015

Nerds, Physicists, and Midwifery

As I've gotten older, I've come to accept more and more of my eccentricities.  And no, this is not a post about loving yourself in your 30s, how things in your 30s are different from things in your 20s, blah blah blah. That's what BuzzFeed is for.   This is also not a post about all my deep seated fears in life (fun fact: it's deep seated not deep seeded like I thought - life lessons through blogging).  I'm also aware some of you think I need to see a therapist for a steady stream of Xanax, but seriously, that's why I have friends like you and wine (and apparently now blogging). This is about my love of PBS.

Since moving to Atlanta and giving up cable, there are no words to describe how hard I've been hitting PBS.  Well, actually there are words, since that's what this post is about.  I am legitimately watching a special on Navy SEALs as I write this and it is fantastic.  And besides the random history specials (yay), concerts (blah), frontline, etc., I recently spent three nights watching a multipart special on uranium lead by this hottie:

Mmm, let's all just take a minute to thank Australia for giving us this gem of a physicist.  I mean, it's like the Big Bang Theory meets the Bachelor.  Not even sure if he's single, but shout out to Derek Muller. Keep on doing what you're doing, boo!  But the real reason I was motivated to write this post this week is the pretty great confluence of a new baby and my latest PBS love: Call the Midwife.  

A facebook friend of mine had posted about this show and how it was so great during non Downton Abbey time (which, spoiler alert, after the death of Matthew Crawley, was dead to me... ha... see what I did there.... a little.... ok...).  Anyway, this show is pretty great. I binge-watched the entire first season this past weekend. It started out at a steady "meh" for me - pretty good but not stay up until 2am watching it... until I did just that.  Also, I definitely got a few solid ugly cries in there.  I mean, we all know it doesn't take much (yes, yes I did cry during the Russell Brand version of Arthur) but I would be half watching an episode and suddenly was Dane Cook style crying.  Awful.  And I'm only through Season 1.  So disclaimer that I have no idea how the show develops, but I'm pretty sure Chummy is one solid chick.  Really, I'd recommend watching the show for Chummy alone. 

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