Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Tuesday's Trials and Tribulations

So I walked into Kroger last night and they have those cinnamon smelling branchey-do things in the front. Let me tell you, I LOVE LOVE LOVE those things. I have no idea what they actually are (if the very technical term of "branchey-do" didn't clue you in) and I have never purchased them in my life, but I appreciate the smell.

Since it's apparently fall now, let me tell you what I can't get on board with: mules

I'm sorry, who in the name of all that's holy thought mules were a good idea to bring back.  Why, why, why are these on trend for fall?! It's like someone chopped off the top and the toes of a bootie. It's like someone thought they were preserving the modesty of their foot by slapping a hideous piece of leather across the top of it.  Oh no, I'm a lady, I shan't dare bare the top of my foot - let's cover that up from prying/scanadalized eyes.  But seriously, WHY?!

The second shoe trend that irks me (yes, there are two trends... let's be honest, there are probably more than two, but these two are particularly egregious): lace up pointy flats.

Now this one might be a personal issue given my giant feet.  I essentially have Fred Flintstone feet.  You remember how he used to power his whole car with those suckers? I'm pretty sure that could be me.  Normally between a 9.5 and a 10 (don't even get me started on the time I was sold A SIZE ELEVEN - damn you TB Millers and your "oh, no, don't worry these run small" Yeah, running small means order a half size up, not a whole size and half!!!)  I digress.  These seems to exaggerate a long foot more than normal. I mean, have you seen these peg leg bloggers and the clown feet extended out of their distressed skinny jeans?!  The issues I have fitting my feet through said skinny leg jeans is the topic for a whole other post. The worst.

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