Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Friends with Benefits

You know you have great friends when you get a text from them while they are sitting on the tarmac during a layover.  You know you have absolutely amazing friends when the text involves on point food, culinary, dating, and blog topics.  And sidenote, you know you should aspire to be more like said friends who are going on a vacation adventure in Lima while you're sitting in your pjs on the couch...

Food to Get You Laid.  This tv tip brought to you by adventurous Lima-bound friends and Logo (which also used to air this amazing show 1g5g (one girl, 5 gays) but was never the same after Aliya Jasmine left... Wow, again, I clearly spent too much time in an ice rink...)  I digress.  FTGYL is this hilarious cooking show where the host helps one half of a couple make a meal to help them get laid.  Ronnie Woo, as seen shirtless above, shows up with SPF (his answer to GTL, which is salt, pepper, fat - aka salt, pepper, olive oil) and goes through a person's fridge and uses what they have to make an amazing dinner.  And here we come upon my two issues with the show: 1) all of these people were going to get laid with or without this meal. ALL. OF. THEM.  and 2) these people have abnormally stocked fridges.

This is my fridge pre and post shopping trip.  As you can see, there is absolutely nothing you could use to make the sort of culinary delights Ronnie whips up.  I felt proud of my acquisitions of ground meat, milk, and yogurt.  I plan on using that ground meat to make meatballs (I've never made them before but am feeling inspired) and am 100% sure that it will be a culinary masterpiece (that, or I'll give myself food poisoning, but fingers crossed I'm leaning toward masterpiece.) In any event, you can watch full episodes of the show online and while they are extremely cheesy (ha... see what I did there.... cheese... food post....) they are also full of hilarious little gems like "Salt: it's like fairy dust for a fairy."  Now if only Ronnie would do a show for people who can't cook at all and still need to get laid...

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