Friday, September 18, 2015

Love Notes to Luna

Dear Luna Bars,

Now that I am a healthy eating machine, you have become my mid-day, can't leave my desk, treat, snack, dessert, afternoon motivator, etc.  One of the serious drawbacks to having a paper-pushing office job is how much you are tied to your desk.  Not like, "oh let's get up and take a walk to the local juice bar/grab a fresh snack of carrots from the fridge!" Sit down Susie suck-up, by the time the mid-afternoon crush of work hits (and in all fairness, this is NOT everyday), but on those days, I'm lucky if I have time to hit the LR, let alone grab some wholesome snack from the fridge that is 5 floors below me.  Instead, I have you.

But can we please get real for a minute.  I had the Luna protein salted chocolate caramel bar and it was divine. DI-VINE.  Like, I wish had bought a boxful.  Like, I texted my mom a photo of the empty wrapper and told her to jump on the bandwagon.  And even looking back in retrospect, I don't think my obsessive love is built by hangry hallucinations. But no, being the reasonable, practical gal that I am, I bought a variety of different flavors.  Including the chocolate cupcake flavor.  

There are no words for the amount of eyebrow judgment I'm sending to Luna right now. Solar eclipse shade.  Now, don't get me wrong, it's not bad. But it is not a chocolate cupcake.  It's not even a hostess chocolate roll left in the car after soccer practice that has melted into some sort of undefinable chocolate thing.   It has crunchies.  What? Yes. What cupcake have you ever had with crunchies in it?!  It's like eating a cake a 5 year old made and put the eggshells in with the eggs.  Mmm crunchy baked goods... No. This is more like a Nestle crunch bar with a fudgey stripe on top.  Perfectly acceptable, but no cupcake.   Let me rebrand this for you as "double chocolate crunch"  - you're welcome. 

And 10 points for any of you who read the title and thought this might a Harry Potter post.  You know, to Luna Lovegood.  For those of you who aren't familiar.  And if you aren't familiar, I'm questioning our friendship.  But she would totally get a lovenote for dating James Potter. Get it girl!!

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