Saturday, September 19, 2015

So Long Suckers


I have cut the cord. I unplugged. I am canceling cable.  I'm essentially a prepper.

I tried to do this when I first moved down here, but apparently my condo is an anti-antenna zone.  As in, there is so much metal in the building structure, plus metal window sills, plus metal blinds, that I wasn't getting any signal.  I tried, my dad tried, we both failed.  Until today.  A friend recommended a different brand of antenna that is supposed to be both good for signals and not crazy expensive. Ah, my favorite combination.  AND IT WORKS! And by it works, I mean, I get more channels than I did on Comcast but most of them are super strange public access channels.  But I get the key channels for me - aka NBC, ABC, and PBS.  This is my dream cable package.  And I get it for free (less the cost of the antenna, but that is already cheaper than 1 month of Comcast)  so this is a win.

And now I get to plan what I want to spend this extra money on.  And let me tell you, there is a CLEAR front runner that only my last remaining thread of practicality is making me not purchase.  I want them with a desire that is not practical, rational, explainable. I want monogrammed uggs. I want them. I want them bad. I want them SOOO BAD.

I mean, even Andre Leon Talley can get behind monogrammed uggs. And yes, he's a bit of a fashion kook, but if Anna Wintour can deign to be photographed next to someone wearing such an item, perhaps they are not the complete monstrosity some of you think they are.  And girl please, take a deep calming breath.  I would never get tall black uggs with a pink monogram. I'm not 16. Obviously, I instead want the grey bailey bow with a light grey/tone on tone script (not the gross triangle block). Yes, I see the irony in my condescension, but that's beside the point. 


They are so stinking cute.  I can't.  But I can't not.  But seriously, I can't.  It's the middle/end of September and it's supposed to be 88 here tomorrow.  I'm still wearing flip flops. The usability of such an item here is so limited.  I mean, the little voice inside my head is screaming at me that there is simply no need for these here.  If I was still in Michigan, this blog post would feature a snap of my feet in these boots.  If I was still involved in skating, this blog would feature a snap of my feet in these boots.  If I wasn't slightly concerned these shoes undermine my status as a sane 31 year old, this blog would feature a snap of my feet in these boots. It's a sickness...

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  1. Buttttt, seriously, YOU CAN'T.

    And for so many more reasons than the summer-like fall weather.