Thursday, October 8, 2015

Granny Alert Alarm Bells

I am such an old lady.  This statement should not come as a revelation to any of you, but sometimes I like to fool myself into thinking I'm still hip and young.  And then something comes along and smacks me in the face and lets me know I've gotten too big for my britches.  (That's not exactly what I wanted to say, but I just love the expression, so go with it).  I mean, my love of Werther's Originals and chunky knits (cardigans, scarves, blankets, etc. but especially the blankets) should have been a real tip-off, but then something happened this week that really brought it all home.

I'm stay-cationing this week at my parent's house in Michigan.  I usually leave some toiletries here so that I don't have to lug them through security and subject myself to extra screenings and wait time - I'm looking at you contact solution that requires an extra squeeze test. Sidenote - why does the small size of contact solution clock in at 4 oz?! I mean, seriously?! It's just mean. And stupid. And just really dang annoying. So anyway, my stash of at-home contact solution had expired which required a trip to Target.

In wandering the aisles of Target and stocking up on anything and everything that looked appealing, I turned down the soap aisle with my mom and got super excited.  Yup, let's go ahead and unpack that sentence. I turned down the soap aisle and got excited.  What's that you hear? Oh nothing, just the granny alert alarm bells sounding.  And here is why.  Apparently in Michigan it is now considered winter (or at least fall) and the stores have stocked up accordingly.  And you know what that means? DOVE WINTER CARE IS BACK!

I am generally not super brand loyal to a lot of things, but the exception is body wash.  It's mainly due to traveling and those little containers of Dove cucumber green tea body wash you can find in any travel size/samples section.  I loathe bar soap. LOATHE it.  While I'm not a germaphobe, just the idea of bar soap is gross. Not to mention extremely drying.  And thus began my love with travel size Dove soap.  Now enter Dove winter care. I love it. Since I'm not getting paid by Dove to extol its virtues, I won't (plus that's just weird) but I will tell you it's totally awesome and worth trying.  It's really the little things in life that get me excited and the return of my favorite body wash is one of those moments.  I may have also bought two bottles and forced my mom to get one too... Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go watch Murder She Wrote under an afghan.

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