Friday, October 2, 2015

Pants on Fire

Soooooo remember that post a few days (weeks?) ago about my cable cord cutting? When I sanctimoniously sat on my high horse and proclaimed my prepper ways? Well, it seems Comcast had some feelings about that.

Right after I installed my sleek, lovely new antenna, I went on a work trip and thought to myself, "self, don't deal with Comcast right now. It'll frustrate you.  Just do it when you get back."  Fast forward to this week when I had my Comcast interaction. I'm thinking, "self, you've got this. You'll be so calm, cool, and collected, you won't let them bring you down. You won't be that internet guy that recorded his hours long phone call trying to cancel his service. You aren't canceling your internet, just your cable. This is just a reduction in service level. Easy breezy."  When your inner monologue ends with "easy breezy" you know things aren't going to end well. It's basically waiving a red cape in front of the charging bull that is karma.

Long story short: I still have my cable.  Not to bore you with the nitty gritty details (also, because it'd be really hard to capture the pure insanity of the back and forth with the customer service agent), but the call essentially started with a super cool request to cancel my cable, may have devolved into requests to speak to managers and claims of unfair credit practices and illegal contracts, and ended up with my receiving cable and internet for less than the price of just the internet service alone. I have mixed feelings on this because I was so proud of my antenna and ability to hang with the hipsters and relate about my anti-establishment lifestyle BUT Comcast gives me two PBS channels v the one I could get with my antenna.... soooooo....

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