Sunday, October 18, 2015

Things that make you go hmm

I'm getting ready to head off on another business trip, so this will be a short post dedicated to questions, lessons, and thoughts from this past week:

1) Brothels.  Since they've been in the news recently, can I just say I had no idea you could "check-in" to a brothel! Not that I have a wealth of experience here (or really any experience... let me be clear, I have NO experience here) but my completely naive  assumption was that it was more of a pay-by-hour/act deal.  A little bit more like a drive up window experience, "Yes, I would like to order a dominatrix fantasy with a midget and an asian for 3 hours.  Annnnnnd...... I'll throw in the bark like a dog combo for an extra $500." But apparently you can check-in hotel style, pay a flat rate, and get whatever the heck you want.

2) IT'S FALL!!! And with that comes the leggings as pants debate.  Yes, we can debate whether the "leggings as pants debate" is, in fact, a debate, but I think it is.  Mostly because I am on the side that frequently wears workout pants (cough... leggings... cough) as pants.  Mostly because they look so cute with my monogramed uggs, but one thing I can categorically say will NEVER happen is tan colored leggings. WOOF.  Black only, please.

3) Everyone needs to watch the movie She's the Man.  It's an Amanda Bynes/Channing Tatum classic. And really, when in life do the words Amanda Bynes, Channing Tatum, and classic go together? Never.  Not even the legendary movie Magic Mike.  For Magic Mike, I give all credit and glory to Ginuwine.  The resurgence of Pony is the greatest contribution this movie ever made.

4) Calendars.  I love, love, love have a written calendar.  I don't mean a hang on the wall calendar or a tear-away calendar that has sayings, trivia, cartoons, etc. on it. I mean a daily calendar to keep track of meetings, events, travel, etc.  Last year I used the Kate Spade 17 month and this year I am trying the Day Designer (Day Designer).  Yes, yes I did bite the bullet and decide to shell out $60 for a planner (the mini version).  This was not a decision I made lightly. I put it in my cart, took it out, put it back in, left it overnight, left for work, came back, looked it, and figured what the heck, I'm an adult, yolo. Check out! The hour-by-hour blocks and to-do list are really what sold me on it.  Pen and paper calendaring is one more example of my old-lady ways.

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