Sunday, December 6, 2015

This is my life

Lots has happened, but let's start with the fun, frivolous nonsense:

I am obsessed with these tumblers with misheard lyrics. Found here, most of them are things I have either heard, screamed while "singing" along with the song, or know someone who does that.  Aka: hold me closer Tony Danza.  One of my personal favorite misheard lyrics, although not a cup, is Billie Jean rocks my world.  Or that I realized Savage is saying to move it like a gypsy, not move it like a dip stick.  I maintain that dip stick would still work, but I literally realized this about 3 weeks ago when it came on my Pandora at work.  And yes, I am probably the only person that still listens to Pandora. And yes, clearly Savage Swing is the type of music I listen to. Because what fun is it to try and discretely chair dance like a villain if you don't have something that truly motivates you?!

Changing topics entirely, I recently got back from a work trip to Florida.  Who doesn't love a little Florida in December?! Glorious, glorious weather, flip flops, dining al fresco, it's a treat.  What wasn't a treat was my first night dining adventure.  I didn't have a car and couldn't find anyone that would grab dinner with me, so I decided to venture out alone.  Which consisted of a trip next to main thoroughfare, under construction, with no sidewalk, past a motel, closed bar, and strip club to a Subway.  Not brave enough to make the return trip after dark, I grabbed a sammie and brought it back to the lobby of the hotel. Enter Ralph, the hotel maintenance guy, a super nice guy who let me know that I was his dream girl.  And by that he meant, a single gal, alone, eating a sandwich in front of the tv.  Yes, ladies and gentleman, I just got pity hit on by the hotel staff. #winning

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