Friday, January 8, 2016

Winter Blues

Breaking out of a funk can sometimes take me a while.  Case in point: a total lack of motivation for the last 3 weeks.  I attribute most of it to vacation and not wanting to face the real world (work, an alarm clock, pants with a zipper, etc.) But never fear, I've found a few ways to shake it off.

1) Too easy.  Also, I think this pretty accurately sums up why I didn't last overly long in ballet.  Not enough discipline, too much booty.  #MissNewBooty

2) Sweater vests.  Yup.  I do occasionally like to dress like a librarian.  And not the slutty librarian that we are lead to believe men secretly fantasize about, but the no makeup, I'd rather be reading a book than dealing with your shenanigans, glasses, loafers, mis-aligned button down librarian.  Sidenote, it was very hard to find an appropriate image of a crewneck sweater vest.  This baffles me, since obviously I can't be the only person who wears them.   But in searching, I found these:

3) I have finally found the holy grail of bras: Lula Lu.  For the majority of you, this means nothing and is not a helpful recommendation.  But for those like me that struggle to find a bra that fits a... less than voluptuous figure, GET ON THIS.  I can't. I can't even.  I spent an inordinate amount of money here.  I could literally add a fist, a chicken cutlet, a snickers bar, a phone, a wallet, etc. in the gap at the top of all previous bras where the cup was simply too big.  You know, where you get that weird tshirt cliff were the bra sticks out yay-far from your shirt and creates the anti-cleavage ledge.  GONE. Boom. Sidenote: I felt like googling for an image of this was going to land me on "To Catch A Predator".  There are a TON of "don't" pictures out there, but I was hesitant to click and find out if there are intentional "don'ts", intentional "trying too hards", or just inappropriate.  Instead I'll leave you with a bit of snarky wit and the worst placed darts in history:

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