Friday, February 5, 2016

An Airport Adventure in Two Parts: Part One

I'm pretty sure my life is setting up to be a series of "almosts" for Hallmark style set-up plots.  Not the actual romance part, but the moderately insane and completely unlikely series of events that set up the main character for love.  Those, but just those.  That is my life.

So obviously this starts at the airport, because 1) I seem to have ridiculous airport adventures and 2) airports feature prominently in Hallmark movies.  I have a super early Monday morning flight which is prime scouting territory for consultants.  Do I think I'll find love at the airport? No.  But I do love a man in a suit, so looking can't hurt, right?  But oh no, instead of a business professional in a slim-cut suit, I have an entire college hockey team on my flight!

In my head all I'm thinking is yes, I do believe in miracles! If you haven't seen the movie Miracle, stop reading this blog and go watch it immediately. Immediately. It's worth it, you're welcome.  But anyway, in my mind this is already going to be great.  I mean, yes, of course they are young, but what a flattering way to start a Monday, by chatting up a young hockey player. I mean, the plane is not that big, I am certain to sit near some of them. A few of them. At least one of them. And I always make friends with cute seatmates. I mean, clearly the odds are in my favor. 

They were not.  The seating arrangement on this flight was so strategic and I was so soundly thwarted it was something a military general would be proud of.  It was as if Sun Tzu himself had waged war against me and created an impenetrable wall of passengers between me and any hockey player.  It was really and truly astounding.  It was not as if they were all seated together at the back of the plane and I was at the front.  Oh no, they were interspersed throughout the plane, but not within three rows in front or behind me.  Le sigh, apparently it was not meant to be.  Instead, I grabbed my bag, tried and failed to make eyes at them while leaving the plane, and took the world's most depressing tram to meet coworkers in another terminal.

Get excited for the next installment - aka my return flight home where the man sitting next to me literally gave me the shirt off his back. 

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