Sunday, February 21, 2016

Hallmark Holy Grail

I finally found it: the Hallmark holy grail.  A Hallmark movie with a plot line that I find relatable.  A plot line I could very easily see happening to me.  Well.... sort of.  This girl starts emailing with a guy she likes, they build some rapport, they decide to give it a shot, he sends her a train ticket to come see him, and she arrives to discover she's been catfished by the guy's 7th grade son.  Sidenote: has anyone realized that is essentially an updated twist on Sleepless in Seattle?

Also, Rosie just dropped a truth bomb on me.  Ouch, but I digress.  After that the girl and guy end up falling in love, blah blah blah, but up until that point, I was totally on board.  That could very easily happen to me.   Also, I think 7th graders may have more finesse than some of the guys I've recently dated (I'm thinking of you mr. milkshake)...

I unwittingly tried the whole airport subplot and it didn't work for me - I've had delayed flights, early flights, standby flights, cancelled flights, flights with a hockey team, and nothing.  Time to dip my toe in the online dating subplot world.  Hallmark also has a new Valentine's movie about two people who lie about their professions while online dating.  But come on people, that's not enough to build a movie on, that's called real life online dating.  Oh, your profile says that you're a doctor but you're really a nurse? Don't worry, I already factored in the fact you were probably lying.  You have too many shirtless bro jetski photos to hold down a legitimate job.  Changing taps as a bartender does not make you a mechanical engineer my friend... the truth hurts.

Also, I found this while searching for sad milkshake memes and had to share:

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