Wednesday, March 16, 2016

A shot across the bow aka a swing and a miss

A friend once got the following dating advice from her father regarding pursuing boys: you gotta fire a shot across the bow then fade into the mist and see what they do.  

Now, I think this was meant to say you engage enough to give them an opening, back off, and then see if they follow up.  Open the door and see if they walk through it.  Don't drag them through the door (far too forward for us gentile southern "ladies") but let them know the door is open.  Because a literal shot across the bow is more of a war games move meant to say back the F off or I'll be forced to make you.  In the dating context, this is the exact opposite of what I want.  I don't want you to stop, I want you to engage.  I don't want a literal shot across the bow, I want war games Down Periscope style.  Sidenote: if you haven't seen the movie, go watch it. Hilarious.  

So I gave my own shot across the bow this weekend, which I think can aptly be described as a swing and a miss.  I was at the gym and saw a hilarious ad that made me think of the NYJ.  I'm pretty sure the NJY hasn't appeared on the blog, mostly because I think he pre-dates the blog. Although he is long distance and thus not necessarily practical as a romantic interest, he holds a special place in my cold dark heart.  So I took a picture and sent it to him with the oh-so-obvious "saw this and thought of you (winky face) hope all is well."  His response: "HA!"

 That is all.  

I even gave it a few days to see if he'd text back later.  Do boys even play those games? The "well if she texted me today,  I can't look too eager so I'll respond casually, but then text again in two more days."  Apparently not. Radio silence.  This is so on point it hurts:

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