Sunday, March 13, 2016

Back at it!

Apologies for my extended absence - what was supposed to be a one week work trip turned into three weeks (and LORD KNOWS I am not writing this blog on a work computer.)  But speaking of which, can I just share with you some of the #firstworldproblems that I've experienced since returning home:

  • no fresh towels every day
  • my bed was not magically made for me
  • nobody took out my trash
  • the front desk guy me a weird look when I stopped by and asked for 2 bottles of water this morning

Yes, yes that is from Troop Beverly Hills.  Stay with me here - remember when they had to go camping for the camping badge and they got a room at the Beverly Hills Hotel #classic #lifegoals.  This is relevant because 1) it's an amazing movie and 2) clearly my experience at the Hilton was similar to theirs... almost...

Let me just say, when you stay in the same hotel for three weeks, you get to know the staff.  Particularly, in my case, the valet staff.  The reason for this is twofold: I walked past them everyday to and from work and they drove the courtesy shuttle of which I took shameless advantage.  Hey, a $5 tip is easier than having them call your car, $5 tip for that, and then have to pay for parking at your destination! You know I'm thrifty like that. But in way more exciting news, I also got to know that the hotel was haunted!  Not in a creepy, as seen on reality tv with guys and a thermo-magnet-heat-sensing-dohookie-ometer.  Because let's get real, I have a finely tuned fight-or-flight instinct and I'd be out of there at the first sign of the dangerous unnatural.  This was more like Casper.  

But in the sense of a gentile southern gentleman spirit, not a cute preteen boy with the hots for Christina Ricci (spoiler alert... too late).  At least thats what I tell myself.  He frequents the bar and knocks on doors on the sixth floor at night.  I'm down with that.  Sounds like a guy just wants a drinking buddy.  Everyone knows drinking together is less sad than drinking alone, especially drinking alone in a hotel bar. 

Also, let's discuss the extreme magnitude of daylight saving suckage.  Three weeks in the  central time zone only to come back to eastern and then go ANOTHER hour forward.  Will the indignities never end?!

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