Tuesday, June 21, 2016

All is Write With the World

HA - see what I did there....
But seriously, things are turning around - work is slowly getting less insane, my parents got a new puppy, it's lovely outside, and while I'm still single as f*#%, I've discovered Viceland.

What is Viceland you ask? Only perhaps the most interesting tv channel time suck I've slowly come around to after an admittedly rough start.  Background: we all know how much I love PBS so it should come as no surprise that I have a strong affection for the History Channel and, of course, H2.  Well imagine my dismay when Comcast (aka the spawn of Satan unless you're a certain law school friend who has Comcast eating out of her hand) decided to ditch H2 and replace it with Viceland.  Yes, I realize the decision was bigger than Comcast, but still, they're a great place to lay the blame.  Moving on, I am all in on Vice. ALL IN.

I am currently obsessed with King of the Road - aka Trasher magazine's skateboard road trip challenge. The host reminds me of a male version of Pennsatucky from OITNB.  Ya'll, I can't, it's just so insane.  Get on board.

On a totally different note, I'm AGAIN trying to get back on the good eating train.  Obviously that went out the window during work insanity.  I simply don't understand those crazy meal prep weekend planner people.  Seriously, I get it, you value your body, prioritize your health, want to fuel yourself with .... as a sign of how much I zone out at this point in these conversations, I can't even finish the thought about what sort of balanced macro nutrient nonsense should complete that phrase. 

Toby just gets me.  

So in deference to trying to get back on track, I decided to portion control my snacks. Picture me in my kitchen talking to a bag of SkinnyPop: oh hey SkinnyPop, I can portion you out into sandwich bags and the calories in this is minimal.   What is that, like 100 calories in 3 cups?! That's like nothing.  You're like a fat free, calorie free, guilt free snack. Essentially you're like eating ice cubes. You're water.  I should be hydrated after finishing you as a snack.  Nailed it.

I then tried this with licorice bites.  Don't ask but every once in a while I get an intense craving for Twizzlers bites and will walk to Kroger and buy myself a bag.  I can resist for a few hours, days even, but eventually I always give in.  The power is strong with that one.  But I digress - since I was already on this portion control kick, I portioned out those red delicious morsels into snack bags of 120 calories each. YAAAASSSSSS I'm a portion control goddess. 

And then I ate 5 bags.

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