Saturday, June 4, 2016

Never fear, I is here

I'm sure you're all quite relieved to see that I'm back to blog posting after a solid 2 month break.  And what better way to announce being back than with an obscure Hackers quote.  If you aren't familiar with the movie Hackers, clearly you had a sad early 90s (mid 90s...?).  Hackers was also the beginning of a strange thing I had for Jonny Lee Miller for a hot minute... let's not go down that path right now, but the important take away is that I'm back to blogging.

I literally cannot think of a single thing to share right now that is at all interesting to anyone.  I was a total couch potato today after a truly amazing day yesterday of adulting at epic proportions.  I should have known I used it all up yesterday because today was a flop.  I drove up to this new home goods store to buy new cushions for my outdoor furniture and on my way home ran over an empty plastic jug that flew into the road, had to pull into a gas station dragging the scrapping canister under my car the entire painful way, remove it, and arrive home only to discover the cushions I purchased are like 1.5 inches too small. I could not find an appropriate "curse you" meme - so instead I present you:

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  1. I missed your blog. It's saved on my work computer and I check for updates. I bet a puppy would give you a lot to blog about. just saying...