Friday, July 22, 2016

I'm headed out of town for a much MUCH needed getaway but just to share two things:

1) The Bachelor/Bachelorette: I generally don't want this show but of course I'll always tune in for the hometown dates episode.  For some reason the "meet the family" episode always draws me in.  My issue (and let's be real, I have a bunch) but I am always SHOCKED at how everyone is falling in love/already in love at this point.  The entire show is filmed in six weeks.  I can't decide on whether to buy a pair of shoes in six weeks let alone declare my undying love for a person that was a stranger mere days ago.
On a semi related note: I am really debating buying these peep toe booties.  I mean the words peep toe booties are generally words to make my skin crawl, but they are everywhere and the more I see them the more they are endearingt themselves to me... See my point about these bad boys?! I've been considering them since the sneak preview catalogue came out and I STILL can't decide.  Six weeks to love my sweet behind.

2) Speaking of my sweet  behind, can I just take a minute to lament the insanity of J.Crew sizing.  I'm essentially preaching to chorus on this one since we've all been here at some point, but the inconsistent vanity sizing is killing me.  Don't get me wrong, I'm a big fan on vanity sizing, so long as I can understand it.  Case in point: they just had a weekend sale and I stocked up on some pencil skirts because, ya know, why not? And oversharing with the internet, I got some "regular" size 6 and some petite size 8.  Since I'm fairly short, when I go down to a petite size, I always size one up from what my regular size is.  Not so, J.Crew, not so.  So the regular size 6 skirts are too big. UMMMM this should be a pretty big red flag since I've got some pretty ample cushion and by no means am I size 4.  But hey, whatever.  Then I try on the petites. NOPE.  The 8s are too small... WHAT?!?!?!
My dear, dear J.Crew: are you telling me that a regular size 4 is a petite size 10?!  Because if so, I need to get a sip of whatever kool-aid you're drinking because life must look pretty different from where you're sitting.

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