Sunday, July 31, 2016

You know that expression "never put off till tomorrow what you can do today"?  Well I did, and it came back to bite me.  A service light came on in my car last week telling me I needed to get an oil change.  While I had the time earlier, I just really wasn't feeling all that motivated and decided I could do it Saturday.   So I looked up the hours at my local AAA service center and decided I would arrive right at 10 when it opened and hopefully be in and out.  Imagine my surprise when I pull up and the place is packed!  Apparently the travel side opens at 10 and the car part opens at 8.  Oops.  NBD, I can just hang out and read for 2 hours.  And if you know me, you know that actually was not said with sarcasm - I can hang out anywhere so long as I have a good book.

2 hours later the service guy comes out to tell me that my front two tires need to be replaced.  Unfortunately, they don't have the tires in stock but they can order them for me.   Again, generally not phased by this since my tires were pretty old.  I go on my merry way, arrive home, look at the treads on my tire, and get out old trusty Abe Lincoln.  It's not that I don't trust AAA, but I mean, a second opinion from honest Abe never hurts.  And imagine my surprise when I find a nail in my back tire.  HEAVY SIGH.   Not that a nail is generally devastating, but I'm about to head out for a work road trip and do not that want that bad boy shaking loose and causing a leak and flat tire on the side of the highway in Alabama.   Back to AAA I go.

Turns out AAA will not patch or plug a hole, so they sent me up to Shell to have it done there.  Turns out Shell cannot plug the hole since its too close to the side of the tire and the guys said it'll just split.  AWESOME.  So literally, I need to leave Monday morning to drive to Alabama, have 2 front bald tires, a nail in a back tire, and accordingly now need to buy 4 new tires. Today.   At this point, I'm over it, hungry, frustrated, and hungry.  And you know who saved me? COSTCO.  I love that place.
But seriously, Costco had the exact tires I needed, cheaper than AAA, and would have them on in 2 hours.  I then spent the next 2 hours wandering around Costco, indulging in free samples, sitting in their display furniture for awkwardly long periods of time, considering what household items I might need to buy for no reason, pondering if I should purchase the 7 foot teddy bear, and eating more free samples.  But seriously, the free samples were key to saving me from turning into an absolute hangry lunatic  #nojudgment

Moral of the story: Costco.

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