Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Spinster Moments

Do you ever have those "I could die alone and nobody would notice" moments?  Ok, so maybe that's a little overly dramatic, but I've been... let's say "aware" of that ever since college.  In college, I lived in the basement of my dormitory.  It was a small, all girls dorm and it was amazing, but I was THE ONLY ROOM IN THE BASEMENT.  Literally, like a scene from a horror movie, it was my room, the kitchen, and the laundry room.  Down a long hallway.  Aka exactly a scene from a horror movie. Upon learning this, my skating coach told me she was going to get me a life alert necklace, you know, just in case something happened to me and nobody noticed for days.
Still living alone years later, every now and then I wonder what would happen if I had an accident. Like, what if I choked on this giant piece of cake? Would I be able to crawl to the elevator and hit "1" and make it to the front desk in time? Or would I pass out before I got to the lobby and have the elevator doors just closing repeatedly on my head?

I had one of those moments today.  I did not choke.  Instead I dropped the faceplate of a kitchen drawer on my foot.  I'm not sure what exactly you call it (clearly I have not yet reached full adulting status) but I pulled the front of my silverware drawer off the other day and was attempting to screw it back on.  I had one side screwed in and was switching to the other side when BAM - the entire front thingy came crashing down on my foot.  Luckily (?) it landed directly on the top middle of my foot (the bridge?) which is now purple, red, skinned, and very, very bruised.  And since I'm not at full adulting status yet, I also don't have ice in my house.  But I do have frozen grapes. So life lesson of the day: a baggie full of frozen grapes serves as 1) a delicious snack and 2) an emergency cold pack in case of injury.

Also, my random thought of the day: play sudoku on the train is like the adult version of the game Operation.  So true.  You'll understand when you see me cursing on the train, like NO, I did not mean to hit 4, I clearly meant 5 there. UGH. There goes my perfect game score... Now I just need to start a new game. THE WORST. 

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