Friday, September 9, 2016

State of the Blog

There are three thoughts weighing on my mind right now re: the state of the blog:

1) although I spend a solid amount of time reading blogs, it seems to be a dying medium and pretty much nobody I know reads blogs like I do
2) as a corollary to #1 - I'm pretty sure only like 4 people read my blog on the reg.  Which is fine, EXECPT for the fact I save my funny stories for the blog and then don't tell them in real life since I don't want to bore people with the same stories again, but then when I make reference to something months later, I realize nobody knows my hilarious shame.  I want to share this shame. In real time.  Like all millenials.
3) blogging is difficult when I don't have my personal computer - aka on work trips - and since I have a bunch coming up, the blog will be off for like ohhh the next 3 months.

SO I'm considering either shutting her down or converting to an email distribution list similar to the old school emails I used to send.  Anyone have any thoughts or feeling on this?

In the mean time, I'll share some of my favorite gifs of the moment:

It's the best combination of judgment and disappointment



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